December 4, 2014

Play a Simple Online Slot on Zopper & Get Free Recharge upto Rs. 100

Zopper, India's price comparison portal and app has come up with a new game where you can win free talktime or recharge on your mobile just by playing a very very simple online slot game and you will do it for a around 30 seconds or below and get up to Rs. 100 mobile recharge for free.  You can win from Rs. 10 to upto Rs. 100 talktime depending on your luck.

How to Claim

  • Just visit Zopper Slot Online on your PC or mobile
  • Just on "Click here to Play" Slot
  • There will be 3 changes for you to roll that slot
  • You will get assured recharge from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100
  • After getting the confirmation of winning
  • Just enter your mobile number and click login using your Google Account
  • And to increase your chance of playing more to win more, just share this offer with your friends in your contact in Gmail after you login

That's it and now wait for the recharge, according to them will happen in 30 minutes but I got mine only the next day, and they are also selective on giving the recharge as many are yet to get their free recharge despite playing and submitting it, so be aware of it and play accordingly.  You can also try multiple times by playing it on Chrome's Incognito option in browser if you want to try winning that Rs. 100 recharge.

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