January 22, 2015

Get Rs. 10 Recharge with Kwality Walls Cornetto Ice Cream

Just like the recent free recharge on buying products like the Yippee NoodlesGood Day, Huggies Diaper, etc., now is the time for Cornetto Love Ka Recharge where you can get an assured free recharge worth Rs. 10 when buying a Kwality Walls Cornetto Ice Creams.  This offer is brought in association with the Paytm where you can get the Rs. 10 free recharge.  This offer is valid from January 21, 2015 to March 31, 2015.

Cornetto Recharge Offer Details

  • Buy the offer pack of Cornetto cone
  • Look for the scratch section behind the cone lid
  • Scratch it to find the code to use at Paytm
  • Visit Patym Cornetto page 
  • Redeem their to recharge your mobile or add to Patym wallet
  • These codes are valid only at Paytm.com
  • A given mobile number can avail this offer only 3 times (change the number if you want to avail it more times)

You can either do a recharge of Rs. 10 or more and pay the balance at Paytm.  This offer is valid only on the specially mentioned Cornetto packs, the normal packs are also available, so when buying look for it and get it.

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