April 18, 2015

Get Free Samples of Pantene, Ariel, Olay Whisper and Vicks from Rewardme

Rewardme is an online rewards and samples portal of P&G, i.e., Proctor and Gamble.  This portal has been around and have been sending out samples of their various products including Ariel Matic, Olay, Pantene, Whisper, Vicks, Head & Shoulders, etc.  Now they have again restarted their free samples campaign which can be availed by those who have missed it previously.

How to Avail Free Samples

  • Visit Rewardme and register or login
  • Click on Free Samples
  • Add up to 3 to 4 samples to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Confirm your mobile number
  • Order your free sample
  • Wait for 4 to 8 weeks to get free samples.
Now they have the following samples in their website:  Olay, Pantene conditioner, Vicks Multipain relief, Whisper.  Request for 3 samples from this to get better response and getting the samples delivered promptly as there are incidences of many guys saying not receiving them.  It seems they have a preference for female sample requestors as this website is dedicated for women, so if you are planning to avail the free samples, try with women name, i.e., your mother's, sister's or wife's name and try, which has more success rate than requesting by man's name.

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