July 15, 2015

How FirstCry Fools us with 100% Cash Back Offers

Of late we have been seeing the FirsCry's 50% to 100% Cash Back offers on its kids clothing, accessories and shoes range and on other categories too.  Now, I am going to share a personal experience where you should never fall prey for such offers which is nothing but a marketing gimmick to boost sales, at least when it comes to Firstcry unlike many other online portals like Amazon, etc., which genuinely offers good deals to choose and buy.  I am going to talk about their much advertized 100% cash back offers which is a useless one.

How FirstCry Fool or Loot Us

  • First they announce 100% cash back for 10 minutes or so
  • Suppose you are buying a product of Rs. 600
    • For which you dont have to pay any shipping charges etc
    • But if your order value is below Rs. 500 you will need to pay shipping charges and that shipping charges will not be included in the cash back
  • If you are lucky enough to buy the product within the specified time of (10 minutes) using their given code to be eligible for their 100% cash back offer
  • You will get the product delivered as promised
  • Now comes their marketing technique
    • After receiving the product you will get a coupon code to your email to use for the same value of your purchase for example now in this case Rs. 600
    • Now you will need to use this code within 15 days or receiving it otherwise it will lapse
    • That is one of the drawback of this offer
  • Remember this code is valid only on the select range of products which they choose for you
  • And if you manage to choose another product for your kid to buy for Rs. 600 or above and if you enter this code your discount the discount will be applied on the MRP of the product and not what is displayed in their website (which I feel is atrocious from their end)
    • For example if the product is mentioned as Rs. 650 and its MRP is Rs. 750, they will choose Rs. 750 as the product price and not Rs. 650
    • And after entering the code you will need to pay Rs. 150 and thats what you will think but here comes their another cheating strategy
    • While most of the other online portals do not charge shipping charges if you use a code to buy for a specified amount.  For example, Amazon has a shipping charge of Rs. 49 for all products below Rs. 500 and if you are paying for a product using a coupon code and if your payable price becomes less than Rs. 500, then they will not apply shipping charges but our great FirstCry charges shipping charges the moment your payable price goes below Rs. 500 no matter how you get it down to below Rs. 500 either from their given coupon or using gift vouchers which is another atrocious thing they do to rob us.
  • So overall you will end up paying Rs. 200 + additionally for a product worth RS. 750 here using this offer
  • But the product you receive from FirstCry is not worth the price mentioned for example if a dresss is mentioned as priced Rs. 650 its origintal worth would be only around Rs. 300 with the quality of it (personal experience)
  • So overall you are not even buying anything for 100% cash back and not even 50% cash back but you are buying 2 products worth less what your are paying (Rs. 600+Rs. 200=800) so eventually you are paying 2 clothes for Rs. 800 which may be worth only around Rs. 600 so you end up paying additional Rs. 200 with this 100% cash back offer.
So guy/gals, just be aware of this open robbing from FirstCry and never fall prey for such gimmicks.  There are really genuine offers available at websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc., so try to avoid FirstCry At all cost.  There is no personal vendetta for me against FirstCry but just sharing what I feel what they were doing us in the name of offers!


Anonymous said...

this is so wrong on their part !

Unknown said...

very true i fully agree with the above

Unknown said...

i fully agree with above

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your comments.

The code getting applied to MRP is such a foolish thing from FirstCry...

First of all we do a lot of search and research to get the products which are of our likes based on the discounts applied on them.

And then while paying you apply some of your hard earned copupon code from previous buy or some other things like referral etc...and they simply remove all the discounts and apply the code on MRP.

Very bad Marketing tactic from FirstFry.