August 6, 2015

Inox Avail the Popcorn & Soft Drink Voucher for Rs. 25 for free

Groupon used to sell this Inox Popcorn and soft drink voucher to buy it at Inox for Rs. 140.  They are selling it for Rs. 25 but now you can get this deal for free by using the below mentioned code.  This offer is very limited period, so hurry.

How to Avail

  • Just visit Groupon Inox Deal Page
  • Buy the deal and login to your account
  • Enter the code:  WEEKEND25
  • Get this deal worth Rs. 25 for free
  • Proceed to checkout and no need to pay
  • Get the voucher delivered to your email ID
  • Print it out and take to Inox
  • Show the voucher get the snacks (Large popcorn & cool drinks for Rs. 140)
It is a good deal as it used to be sold at Rs. 25 and now you can get it at Rs. 25.


Unknown said...

The code WEEKEND25 gives 25% discount and not Rs 25 discount. Did you actually try to use the offer before posting the deal here? :D

Siva said...

Yes, I did try and I had brought one with my own account where it gave Rs. 25 discount, maybe it was a mistake from groupon, now corrected to give just 25% off!! :(