September 4, 2015

Best Ever Returns and Refund Process Offered by Amazon India

Among all the online shopping portals I have ever shopped with, I have personally found that the Amazon India's return process is the best ever as I have myself experienced it with ease and effortless.  There are hardly any hassles in returning any of the product that you have brought from Amazon.

Amazon India's Effortless Return Process Explained

  • You are buying some product from Amazon with returns guarantee
  • You receive the product and then feel you want to return it for any reason
  • You go to your Amazon account and start the return process 
  • Go to the order ID of your purchase and ask for return
  • Choose the date and time for the return to be picked up
  • Amazon will send you confirmation email
  • You do not even have to pack the product that you have purchased
  • Just keep it as it is in received condition
  • Wait for the Amazon delivery person to visit at the time mentioned to return
  • Get a receipt from the person and wait for the refund
  • Get the refund within or even before 24 hours of your returns to your account
This is from the 2 instances I have experienced the return and refund process from Amazon India till now.  Hopefully, they will keep this process same throughout in the time to come and make it smooth and hassle free experience for us!

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