September 16, 2015

TaxiForSure rides on the Ola app at Rs. Zero for Rs. 0.0 at Olacabs

Take your first Taxiforsure ride via the Ola Cab app and start your ride at Rs. 0.  This offer is valid only on the base fare applicable on the respective cities.  This offer is valid only if you book Taxiforsure via Ola App.

Also get your first ride on your Ola Cab free using the code:  9C9NZR on your first booking of ola cab.

Get Rs. 300 First Ride Free With Ola

  • Download Ola Cabs App from Google Play, Windows or iOS
  • After downloading register at Ola Cabs Mobile App and follow the instructions.
  • Enter your email id, name, phone number, password 
  • Click on the option that says "I've a referral code to redeem".
    • Enter this code:  9C9NZR there.
  • You will get an SMS confirmation code, enter and login once
  • You will get your ola cab ride voucher worth Rs. 300 to your app as well as email
  • Check the offer and 
  • Enter that code when you take your first ride at Ola and get free ride worth Rs. 300 

First Ride of Taxiforsure Ride with Ola App
  • Open the OLA app
  • Select ‘TaxiForSure’ icon
  • Hit ‘RIDE NOW’
  • You can also enjoy cashless convenience on your TaxiForSure rides by paying with OLA Money (powered by ZipCash)
You can also start referring friends with your own code to let your friends take their first ride free.

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