November 2, 2015

Send Rs. 21 Via Oxigen Wallet and Get Rs. 51 Back

Oxigen Wallet has come up with a new offer where when you send Rs. 21 to your friends and relatives as a gift and you will get Rs. 51 cash back from Oxigen.  This offer was not working previously when they announced but now it seems today it is starting to work again.  But try at your own risk as they seem to inconsistent in giving cash back and their app is damn slow as well.

How to Avail
  • Download and register/login to Oxigen Wallet
  • Load cash if not already there
  • Send exactly Rs. 21 or more to your friends
  • Get Rs. 51 within hours of sending it
This offer seem to be working for some and not working for some, so try with care but anyway you have nothing to lose as you can send and get back the money if the offer is not working.  

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