January 27, 2016

How Taxiforsure Fools Us with Rs. 5/km Offer

Taxiforsure has been bombarding us on App notification, SMS, mails, etc, on their latest and most used offer of Rs. 5/km offer.  On the paper and on the looks it sounds great to get a taxi ride for Rs. 5 per km while others charge Rs. 8/km but in reality it is not what you think you get, actually the total discount you get no matter how long or how short ride you take with their Rs. 5/km will be only Rs. 21 or less than that.

How They Fool Us
This Taxiforsure's Rs. 5/km is applicable only for the first 10 km we travel, and it also does not touch the base fare of Rs. 59 (on most cities for the first 3 km) and hence you get to travel at Rs. 5/km only for the balance 7 km you pay Rs. 5 per km and after that the usual rates of Rs. 8/km or what is applicable for your city will be applied for your ride.

Hence the maximum benefit you get with this ride is 7 km x Rs. 3 = Rs. 21 discount.  Rs. 3 is arrived at by subtracting Rs. 5 (per km) from Rs. 8 (per km) in most cities and this is what you see in your bill after your ride and as you would as Rs. 5/km as hyped by them everywhere.  This will be mentioned in the bill as the discount you get when travel more than 10 km and it will be even less if you travel lesser.  The max discount applicable with this offer is just Rs. 21 which is nothing much significant considering the taxiforsure's per minute ride rate is Rs. 1.5 per minute while other services like Uber and Ola just charge Rs. 1 per minute!  

Taxiforsure will be best if your ride distance will be less than 5 km or else taking other services would be ideal.  From my personal experience Uber or Meru turns out cheap no matter what your distance traveled is but never ever travel (unless it is an emergency) on any of these cab services during their spike or peak hour rates where you will end up paying twice or sometimes thrice the usual rates!

Just sharing so that you don't fall for this trap put forth by them with their marketing blitzkrieg.

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