April 12, 2016

Comparing Big Basket and Grofers Grocery Delivery

In Chennai, I have been using both Big Basket and Grofers for grocery and vegetables delivery and thought of comparing them based on the service rendered by them so far.  Although both are different service (while Grofers acts as just a delivery service after buying products from nearby stores, BB acts as a complete grocery and vegetables solution where the products are directly gotten from their own godown and delivered), their main service is delivery of grocery and vegetables, etc.

Delivery Errors

  • Grofers - While I have encountered many errors in delivery of products like wrong product delivered due to non-experienced buyers from their employees and had to contact them for the same and they promptly refund for the mistake.  This is also due to their choice of buying different products from different shops within short span of time
  • BigBasket - I have never encountered such issues with Big Basket as all the products I order come exactly as mentioned and as given in their website/app

Expired Products
  • Grofers - Here also Grofers has delivered many times expired products or nearing expired products, despite me telling them not to do so but still they repeat it, although they promptly refund the money if I tell them so, so no complaints but only giving the customers hassles of contacting them regularly for the same
  • Big Basket - They did it once or twice while it was not on the packed products but on products like Garlic, rice, etc and when I raised complaint, they promptly refunded the same.  Although this is not a regular occurrence but still can be avoided

Delivery Time and Promptness
  • Grofers - They have a delivery time slot of 90 minutes while their delivery starts at 11:30 am, only once or twice there was a minor delay otherwise most of the time prompt in delivery
  • Big Basket - They score a plus on this front no matter whether it is their express delivery or regular delivery, they are on time every time.  Once I ordered grocery on Grofers on early morning 7 o clock and placed an order on the same day with Big Basket at 10 o clock while I got the delivery of BB first around 11 o'clock and the Grofers order came around 12 o'clock

Refund Process
  • Grofers - They refund after deducting the discount back to your original payment option
  • Big Basket - They refund your money as Big Basket Wallet which you can use it again on your next order and hence a hassle for us, it should have been back to the original payment method, here Grofers scores a plus

Product Quality
  • Grofers - Since products are gotten from nearby stores or super stores, there are not much complaint on the quality of products except on few occasions there was deficient in quality on certain products
  • Big Basket - Their product quality on the groceries particularly the packed products varies sometimes we also get slightly inferior quality especially on the dal, and most of the time on the vegetables

  • Grofers - Here Grofers score better because apart from offering us with wallet based cash backs, every weekeneds they come up with their own discount codes of at least 10%
  • BigBasket - They have only wallet based cash backs only regularly, although very rarely come up with discounts but they have discount only on higher order value of Rs. 1500 and above of 4% always

  • Grofers - Their app is not so user friendly as we had to enter the product name fully every time we go back from product search due to having different stores in their listing.  Only app option to shop
  • Big Basket - Their product search is user-friendly and product listing also easy to access and pick and choose, while you can order also on their website.

Minimum Order and Shipping Charges
  • Grofers - Has a delivery charge of Rs. 49 on all orders below Rs. 350 (used to be Rs. 250)
  • Big Basket - Delivery charge of Rs. 20 on all orders below Rs. 1000 and hence grofers score here better as we can order less amount with free delivery.

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